Changemakers for Aldi

As Aldi's digital agency in Ireland, our remit was to deliver an outstanding digital experience for shoppers. We devised a digital strategy to support the organisation’s overall omnichannel shopping strategy and executed it across all digital areas including:


  • Digital creative development and production - includes video, static imagery and photography, animation, copywriting, display and digital audio.  
  • Social media management - includes community management, copywriting, content calendars, paid media, reporting and attribution.
  • Digital media planning and buying.
  • Development of digital measurement and reporting dashboard for the client team.
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting including trend analysis and insights.
  • Social listening.
  • Advocacy/influencer programme development and execution.


Data was at the heart of the strategy, shaping everything we did from concept development to the type of formats deployed, placement, length of content, CTAs and beyond. 

The approach for Aldi included:

  • Mining of first and third-party data to develop and refresh shopper decision journeys for all key occasions/needs across Aldi’s three key audiences. These decision journeys identified the key moments in the journey that could be optimised digitally. 
  • Development of SWOT and regular category and competitor analyses to identify movement, trends and areas for concern so they could be addressed proactively. 
  • Development of Digital Strategy on a Page (SOAP) to unite the business around a collective vision for digital. 
  • Digital marketing funnel development - a four-step funnel outlining how we proposed to nurture audiences via inspire, grow appreciation, drive trial, increase frequency and value.
  • Development of a digital marketing content blueprint to guide how the brand communicates across all online channels, the content blueprint included the development of pillars, themes and topics. 
  • Building a custom live reporting dashboards to assess the impact of the digital activity in terms of costs, reach, consumption, engagement, on-site activity, sentiment and mentions. This data was mined in a continuous fashion and learnings were used to optimise all paid campaigns in real-time. 
  • Through regular social listening analysis, we provided vital insight into the Aldi Senior Buying Team regarding the reaction of the audience to products and the in-store experience. 


  • Market share - support Aldi’s growth ambitions in Ireland by reaching new audiences in key locations. 
  • Brand - drive positive brand association by providing an exceptional digital experience. 
  • Relevancy - use digital data and insights to ensure Aldi remain relevant to its audiences.
  • Shopper frequency - encourage more people to shop in Aldi, more often.
  • Basket value - encourage Aldi shoppers to increase their basket value. 
  • Sustain - prevent Aldi shoppers from ‘trading up’ during key events (Christmas, Easter).


  • Reach 80% of all core audience segments.
  • Reduce response rates to <6 hours on Facebook.
  • Become a top 10 brand in Ireland on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase website traffic by 20%.
  • Increase content consumption by 50%.
  • Increase engagement rates by 25% on social.
  • Increase positive brand mentions by 25%.


  • Digital activity ranked as the most effective advertising medium in Aldi’s independent econometric model analysis.
  • 100% reach of all core audience segments year on year.
  • Fastest response rates of any grocery retailer on Facebook in Ireland (average 2 hours).
  • Top 10 brand in Ireland on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ireland’s top grocery retailer on Twitter in Ireland.
  • Minimum 45%+ increase in website traffic to, year on year. 
  • 700% increase in content consumption.
  • 42% increase in engagement rates. 
  • Minimum 125% increase in positive brand mentions by consumers year on year.


  • Managing the highly anticipated Kevin the Carrot campaign each year (digital launch preceded TV).
  • Creating the Kevin the Carrot Instagram Game for the 2018 Christmas season.
  • Digital activation of Aldi’s various high profile sponsorship initiatives including Irish Rugby and Community Games - activity included Facebook and Instagram ‘Live’, video content the Irish Rugby squad. 
  • Digital activation of events including The Ploughing Championships which included Facebook and Instagram ‘Live’ and same-day turnaround of event recap video activity.  
  • Launching numerous social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.
  • ‘Swap and Save’ fly-on-the-wall digital content series featuring multiple Aldi shoppers who are overjoyed since swapping to Aldi.