Changemakers for Aldi Recruitment


In 2017 we built a business case to support migrating spend from print to social for Aldi (Recruitment). Since then, digital has grown from a small percentage of the budget to the majority share. Channels include Instagram, Tik Tok, Spotify, YouTube, display, VOD, Sky Go and AdSmart.


Following a successful 2020 campaign, Frank & Bear are responsible for developing the campaign creative for Ireland and the UK.


  • Year on year growth in applicant volumes.
  • Significant increase in applicant quality following the launch of the 2020 campaign. Vacancies were filled months ahead of schedule.
  • Several awards along the way including the ‘Student’s Choice’ award for two years running at the 2019 and 2020 Grad Ireland Awards.
  • Recognition for the Irish team in the UK and beyond.
  • Introduced category-firsts including first recruitment brand on TikTok and Snapchat in Ireland.

Changemakers for Enterprise Ireland


Online lead generation and application is crucial for Enterprise Ireland to develop and grow Irish enterprise in world markets. After completing an in-depth audit of Enterprise Ireland’s recent global & domestic campaigns, we identified the key areas for improving the online experience for prospects. From here we developed an integrated planning system to deliver better outcomes at campaign launch, and across the lifecycle of the campaign.


  • We were tasked with championing the audience journey and working in a cross agency role to open up digital opportunities for increased customer understanding and conversion.
  • We used a comprehensive audience portrait tool to develop a consolidated view of the audience, and identify the drivers and barriers for audience engagement.
  • We then mapped the digital audience journeys relevant to each sector, industry and audience need-state.


At a day to day level, we focus on actionable solutions that rapidly optimise Enterprise Ireland’s multiple digital campaigns. Longer term, we are helping to shape a strategic direction for digital ensuring that the organisation is exceeding audience expectations across all touch points of the journey.

  • Helped reimagine the internal planning process using a purpose built campaign blueprint that unites multiple stakeholders around the audience journey.
  • Providing weekly insight and optimisation reports focused on rapid improvements to live campaigns.
  • Ongoing auditing of content, media and overall campaign performance.
  • Improving the role and user experience of the various digital platforms.

Changemakers for Guinness Storehouse


When we started working with Guinness Storehouse we were tasked with:

  • Creating award winning initiatives that ‘only Guinness can’ and are ‘made of more’.
  • Increasing international online ticket sales by 20%.
  • Retaining the position of No. 1 fee paying attraction in Ireland.
  • Encouraging visitors to enjoy a pint of the black stuff in their home-town post visit.


We created a new strategy that centred around Fewer, Bigger and Better content. As part of this strategy, we created the highly awarded ‘A Night At’ campaign in partnership with Airbnb.


  • 40% ecommerce uplift.
  • 2000% ROAS.
  • Most successful programme in Guinness Storehouse history.

Changemakers for Aldi

As Aldi’s digital agency in Ireland, our remit was to deliver an outstanding digital experience for shoppers. We devised a digital strategy to support the organisation’s overall omnichannel shopping strategy and executed it across all digital areas including:


  • Digital creative development and production – includes video, static imagery and photography, animation, copywriting, display and digital audio.  
  • Social media management – includes community management, copywriting, content calendars, paid media, reporting and attribution.
  • Digital media planning and buying.
  • Development of digital measurement and reporting dashboard for the client team.
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting including trend analysis and insights.
  • Social listening.
  • Advocacy/influencer programme development and execution.


Data was at the heart of the strategy, shaping everything we did from concept development to the type of formats deployed, placement, length of content, CTAs and beyond. 

The approach for Aldi included:

  • Mining of first and third-party data to develop and refresh shopper decision journeys for all key occasions/needs across Aldi’s three key audiences. These decision journeys identified the key moments in the journey that could be optimised digitally. 
  • Development of SWOT and regular category and competitor analyses to identify movement, trends and areas for concern so they could be addressed proactively. 
  • Development of Digital Strategy on a Page (SOAP) to unite the business around a collective vision for digital. 
  • Digital marketing funnel development – a four-step funnel outlining how we proposed to nurture audiences via inspire, grow appreciation, drive trial, increase frequency and value.
  • Development of a digital marketing content blueprint to guide how the brand communicates across all online channels, the content blueprint included the development of pillars, themes and topics. 
  • Building a custom live reporting dashboards to assess the impact of the digital activity in terms of costs, reach, consumption, engagement, on-site activity, sentiment and mentions. This data was mined in a continuous fashion and learnings were used to optimise all paid campaigns in real-time. 
  • Through regular social listening analysis, we provided vital insight into the Aldi Senior Buying Team regarding the reaction of the audience to products and the in-store experience. 


  • Market share – support Aldi’s growth ambitions in Ireland by reaching new audiences in key locations. 
  • Brand – drive positive brand association by providing an exceptional digital experience. 
  • Relevancy – use digital data and insights to ensure Aldi remain relevant to its audiences.
  • Shopper frequency – encourage more people to shop in Aldi, more often.
  • Basket value – encourage Aldi shoppers to increase their basket value. 
  • Sustain – prevent Aldi shoppers from ‘trading up’ during key events (Christmas, Easter).


  • Reach 80% of all core audience segments.
  • Reduce response rates to <6 hours on Facebook.
  • Become a top 10 brand in Ireland on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase website traffic by 20%.
  • Increase content consumption by 50%.
  • Increase engagement rates by 25% on social.
  • Increase positive brand mentions by 25%.


  • Digital activity ranked as the most effective advertising medium in Aldi’s independent econometric model analysis.
  • 100% reach of all core audience segments year on year.
  • Fastest response rates of any grocery retailer on Facebook in Ireland (average 2 hours).
  • Top 10 brand in Ireland on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ireland’s top grocery retailer on Twitter in Ireland.
  • Minimum 45%+ increase in website traffic to, year on year. 
  • 700% increase in content consumption.
  • 42% increase in engagement rates. 
  • Minimum 125% increase in positive brand mentions by consumers year on year.


  • Managing the highly anticipated Kevin the Carrot campaign each year (digital launch preceded TV).
  • Creating the Kevin the Carrot Instagram Game for the 2018 Christmas season.
  • Digital activation of Aldi’s various high profile sponsorship initiatives including Irish Rugby and Community Games – activity included Facebook and Instagram ‘Live’, video content the Irish Rugby squad. 
  • Digital activation of events including The Ploughing Championships which included Facebook and Instagram ‘Live’ and same-day turnaround of event recap video activity.  
  • Launching numerous social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.
  • ‘Swap and Save’ fly-on-the-wall digital content series featuring multiple Aldi shoppers who are overjoyed since swapping to Aldi.

Changemakers for GNC


Our role was to create brand awareness and sales for the new GNC digital store across Europe (France, Spain, Germany and Italy) in the health and wellbeing market. By optimising the online store and delivering a consistent localised brand creative we were able to establish direct to consumer demand for on-site products as well as reaching a new wider audience on Amazon.


Having full control of GNC ad accounts we developed over 2000 ads per market and optimised nuances in each country. Working with our partners we used promotions on Amazon to widen the exposure to the audience and leveraged the Amazon basket system.


  • Over 133% increase in average order value of €30.
  • Increase of positive online mentions across all markets by over 40%.
  • Average Buy Box rate of 96% on Amazon.

Changemakers for Bosch


As strategic digital partner for Ireland, our remit was to deliver increased awareness of, and consideration for, Bosch white goods technology. Following some years as market leader but losing ground to Samsung, and cheaper imitation brands, Bosch needed to firmly establish itself as the pioneer of category innovation. 


Mapping the purchase journey with primary and secondary research we were able to develop a cut-through creative concept. It emotionally connected consumers with the true benefits of the products and the brand rewards programme. From this concept we developed an integrated communications campaign that included BVOD, social, programmatic display and video, in-store POS and retailer engagement.


  • Production of digital content series for the ‘Food Waste Social Experiment’ including all elements of production management – casting, location, set, filming, editing, post.
  • Significant uplift in trade/retailer engagement, confidence and sales.
  • Increase in consumer rewards sign-up by 117%+.
  • Increased consumer preference for Bosch.
  • Having launched in Ireland, Bosch global is rolling out the concept to its Western EU markets. 

Thinking in Threes…

The Metaverse is a place we can’t avoid this year, and while it might sound daunting and new, it’s really not as new as you’d think. The virtual world has been around for a hell of a long time, think Animal Crossing, YoVille, heck even Club Penguin, but this time it’s got investment from the big guns and you can do everything you do in your normal day-to-day life, in this parallel universe. 


Just don’t mix up the term Metaverse with NFTs as they’re ‘same, same but different’. If you haven’t heard of the acronym NFT, then you better keep reading. The acronym itself stands for ‘Non Fungible Token’, which is essentially anything digital that can be traded, think sports cards from when you’re a kid, but a digitised version. Nike saw an opportunity to create virtual versions of their iconic trainers, so they acquired a design studio that can create thousands of their trainers digitally for consumers to purchase and trade online, which makes you wonder will we even own a wardrobe in 20yrs time? Rugby League World Cup also recently entered the NFT sphere by collaborating with blockchain company NuArca to branch into the digital collectables marketplace with the aim to create a series of digital collectibles that will engage fans and give them the chance to truly immerse themselves in the Rugby world, from their very own home. Every day another brand joins the NFT train, and it won’t be long until we’ll be talking about NFTs as often as we talk about selfies. It’s an area that the smaller brands are a little bit scared of because it sounds so foreign, expensive and unachievable, but the sooner you get on board, the less chance you have of being left behind in the marketplace.


Even Fashion, as an industry, is undergoing an insane amount of changes. It’s been chastised massively during the pandemic as people became more and more aware of the damage it’s causing to the environment, but you have to hand it to the industry for trying to reinvent itself; particularly in the retail space. New stores are opening up across the world that are fully virtual, even changing rooms are soon going to be something that only grandparents talk about. Snapchat in the US are currently testing AR shopping lenses that allows consumers to try on a product by simply opening up their camera. MAC, as one of the trial brands, saw 1.3 million try-ons at a cost of 0.31c per product and reported a 17x higher lift in purchases. This comes only a few months after the platform launched their incredibly successful scan feature that allowed the user to scan a person’s outfit, their fridge and even a room of furniture, to find out where to get these. Nobody can deny that they’ve wanted to find out where that person in the queue got their coat or where their friend bought that delicious sauce in the cupboard. Yes, we could just ask them, but where’s the fun in that? It’ll also result in brands obtaining even more details about what we like, but that’s a conversation for a whole other day. 


“What podcasts are you listening to lately?” Seems to be the question that starts off every conversation lately, other than the weather of course. According to Chartable, we’re all just a bunch of jokers and Joe Goldbergs in Ireland. If a podcast isn’t led by a comedian or delves into a true crime story, as a country, we won’t tune in. My Therapist Ghosted Me, The Witness & The Tommy, Hector & Laurita Podcast are just some of the most listened to podcasts from 2021. Which really makes you think that if a Spotify ad or sponsorship needs to break through the noise, it can’t be too serious…and if it is, it needs to be killer, pun intended.